9 monthly expenses we can live without

What would life without bills be like?

Have you ever thought about which monthly expenses you could live without?

Certain bills are, without doubt, unnecessary.

Reminiscing about old times often makes us think about how our parents didn’t sneeze if they didn’t have a smartphone bill to pay.

Our grandparents didn’t have a problem cooking at home, every single day.

Times have changed though and things are a lot different now.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine living without internet access today. It’s a difficult detail to admit, since growing up many didn’t even know what “the internet” was, let alone imagine we’d one day depend on it!

However, certain other expenses are downright unnecessary.

We may think we need to keep paying the bills, but the costs all add up and, long story short, we’re just throwing money out the window.

9 monthly expenses we can live without

What would life without bills be like? See which monthly expenses you could live without and save money by cutting unnecessary costs.


Cable TV

Although the majority of people watch TV on a regular basis, paying a hefty cable bill is actually a waste of money.

With so many streaming services available, each cheaper than the next, it’s a shame to pay an average of $103 a month for cable!

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Gym membership

You can live without a gym membership!

Many people who become members of a gym tend to ‘forget’ about actually going or find excuse after excuse not to exercise.

While that’s not really OK (exercise is always a good idea), you can actually drop this expense altogether!

Working out at home or outdoors is free. There’s really no need to pay a monthly fee for something you rarely or never use.

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Magazine subscriptions

With so much free information online nowadays, surely you can drop most or all of your monthly subscriptions.

Growing up, I remember being a loyal fan of most teenager magazines. I just had to know what the latest gossip was, when will my favorite bands launch their next album, etc.

Today – it’s safe to say we have the internet for that.

Cooking magazines? Celebrity gossip? Automotive magazines? No thanks, the internet takes care of providing info for free.

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Banking fees

While having at least a bank account is necessary and, for most people, a credit card in their wallets, certain administrative fees are simply ridiculous.

A while back, I remember asking the bank teller at our old bank about the fees and if there’s anything we could to to lower them.

The reply I got was: “You’re lucky to pay only $13 a month in fees. Others pay close to $30“.

My jaw dropped. Paying this much in bank fees was absurd! Needless to say, we kissed the old bank goodbye and switched companies.

Credit card insurance

Are you sure you need that credit card insurance?

For some reason, credit card companies insist you buy insurance, so you’ll be covered should something happen.

The truth is, most people don’t need credit card insurance, yet they pay for it anyway.

If you already have insurance or can find a better deal elsewhere, save your money and put it to better use.

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Who uses a landline anymore?

Landlines are far from being obsolete, but if you manage to find a good smartphone plan, why keep paying for a service you probably don’t need?

Last time I had a landline was 2007. I didn’t exactly need it back then either, but my former internet provider included it as a freebie for all clients. I even got a free phone!

However, paying for it separately is not really worth it nowadays. This is certainly one monthly expense anyone can learn to live without.

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Eating out / ordering takeout

Eating out or ordering in isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you do it on a regular basis, it can drain your budget faster than you can swallow your first bite.

With so many ‘cooking tutorials’ nowadays, not being able to learn how to cook even the most basic meals is impossible.

If you’re looking to save more money, spending less on takeout and restaurants is probably going to balloon your savings!

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Morning latte / coffee to go

I’m a morning person, I think getting up early is awesome! However, deprive me of my morning coffee and you’ll never hear the end of it!

Of course you realize, buying coffee every single day on your way to work (or even on your way to anywhere else) can become expensive.

It’s just a couple bucks, you might think. But that’s at least $50 a month, if you insist on turning your habit into a daily routine.

To save money – and to learn you can live without that plastic cup to go – try waking up 5 minutes earlier to prepare it yourself.

Alternatively, you could get one of those coffee makers you can schedule in the evening to have your coffee hot & steamy, just waiting for you when you wake up. You might even wake up smiling when you’ll smell the fresh coffee aroma in the morning!

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Last but not least, installments are probably the biggest waste of money of all time.

Shopping is an expensive habit and few are able to control themselves when it comes to spending.

But when getting into debt starts becoming a burden, do you ever think back and realize you could have lived without those shoes or gadgets?

If you can’t afford to buy something with cash, you probably shouldn’t buy it at all.

Paying interest fees and being in debt for months is almost never worth it.

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These 9 monthly expenses are definitely not a necessity.

Anyone looking to save money can give up on paying bills that are only good for drilling hole after hole in a budget.

Giving up on cable TV or magazines or eating out on a regular basis doesn’t make you cheap. It only makes you responsible and able to control your finances.

What other monthly expenses could you live without?
Have you already given up on certain bills to save money? 



I'm Adriana, a passionate SEO expert with a knack for budgeting. As an SEO whiz, I help businesses reach their goals. In my personal life, I care about empowering myself and others to make the most of every cent.


  1. Hey Adriana ! Awesome content. Let me check in my list that what i can cut 🙂 These are the necessary things i think but after reading your article I must think about magazine and gym membership subscription.

    Happy Blogging. keep writing.

  2. Finally did it. Around mid-December of 2017, we switch to another cable company and dropped Netflix and our landline. The landline has been long overdue as none of us in our family of four are still using it. We were able to save at least $110 a month and we look forward to cutting down on our eating out habit as well.

    With regards to coffee, I will have to talk to my wife about that. Not sure if she will be willing to cut down on that one.

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