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Money Journey Today covers a complete range of topics to help you meet your personal finance goals, whether you're looking for short term financial advice such as getting out of debt or learning more about long term goals such as smart investing, planning for retirement or setting money aside your child's college education.


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Investing and Real Estate

Who needs to buy life insurance?

Who needs to buy life insurance? You’d think most young adults don’t think about buying life insurance, but the truth is 60% of the American population already has an insurance policy. Buying life insurance usually makes us think about death. Although not the most pleasant of topics, unexpected events happen whether we like it or… continue reading »

Tips To Choose A Safe Binary Options Broker

10 Tips To Choose A Safe Binary Options Broker

If you heard stories of traders losing money due to the actions of unethical brokers, here’s a list of tips for safe trade binary options!

Complete Guide on FAQs Related to Buying a Studio in Dubai

Dubai has been recognized as the safest place in the world to invest your worthy bucks. It goes without saying that it can be a life-changing experience to own an apartment or studio in Dubai. Although the terms are quite feasible and the process can go rather swiftly as compared to other countries, but there… continue reading »

A Mid-Year Check on the Real Estate Market

Real estate is booming as people are ready to jump right in. Here’s our mid-year check on the real estate market according to top agents.

Loans. Credit Cards. Debt

Business Line of Credit: How It Works

A business line of credit is a flexible financing option that gives you access to cash when you need it. Here’s how this works.

Should you trust a debt settlement attorney for handling credit card debts?

If your monthly loan payments and high credit card bills are overwhelming you, there is a solution that can help you lower the amount you owe. You can try managing those payments without getting help from others. You may seek financial help from different financial institutions, your family, friends, and from others to pay off… continue reading »

Should I take out a title loan and how much can I expect to pay back

A title loan is based on the idea of a debtor’s ability to repay it based on the value of a particular asset. Find out more about it here.

The Invasion and Occupation of Your Lizard Brain and How to Take It Back

Money problems keeping you from achieving financial independence? Here’s how to keep your lizard brain under control and avoid debt.