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Tips for Getting the Best Deal When Leasing a Car

Money Journey
November 6, 2019
Time To Monitor Bitcoin As An Investment

Time To Monitor Bitcoin As An Investment

Money Journey
November 4, 2019
Retirement planning in reality

Retirement Planning in Reality

Money Journey
October 22, 2019

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Investing. Real Estate

Looking to Sell Your Home With a Mortgage Here’s How

Looking to Sell Your Home With a Mortgage? Here’s How

If you’re like many Americans, you may own a home, but perhaps you don’t consider it your “forever home.” You may even keep a mental list of potential properties in your area, just waiting for the right time to buy. However, if you’re waiting until your mortgage is paid off to make a move, you… continue reading »

Loans. Credit Cards. Debt

The Good, The Bad And The Balance Of Credit Cards

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that around 70.2 percent of American households currently possess general-purpose credit cards like Visa and Discover. That accounts for approximately 183 million Americans. Compared to the 1970s when only 16 percent of us owned a credit card, the growth in its use has been exponential. However, its increased use has… continue reading »