8 Smart Ways to Invest in Your Business

8 Smart Ways to Invest in Your Business

Today we have a guest post from Lisa, about 8 smart ways to invest in a new business.  Opening a business is fairly easy nowadays, but it entails investment. Sustaining a small company and ensuring its profitability can be taxing physically, mentally as well as financially. Depending upon the type of […]

The rise of cryptocurrencies and why should you care

The rise of cryptocurrencies and why should you care

Today we have a guest post from Steve. Steve Kaaru is an experienced writer with extensive knowledge on the field of cryptocurrencies. Interact with him on Twitter. Bitcoin has become a household name now. Though for very many of us understanding it is still an uphill task, at least we know […]

Why Buying Gold Can Be a Smart Option for Retirement Savings

Why Gold Can Be a Smart Option Retirement Savings

Today we have a guest post from David. David Warren is the senior writer and lead researcher at HardStacks. He has been a financial engineer for over 30 years and has been investing in alternative assets since the Great Recession of 2008. He has a true passion for learning about economic […]

Introductory Guide to Day Trading

Jumping into the lucrative industry of day trading is exciting and in some cases highly profitable. It’s exactly what attracts thousands of people to it every year. The only issue is a lot of the time, newbie day traders burn out their funds too quickly and end up bankrupt. The idea […]

Time To Monitor Bitcoin As An Investment

Time To Monitor Bitcoin As An Investment

The idea of Bitcoin as an investment asset, or even as any kind of asset, is still foreign to a lot of us. This is a tech-based alternative currency that, for a few years at least, seemed like a fad. It appeared to be destined to fade away and become […]

Investing in college education: how to save for college

Investing in college education how to save for college

Education should be free and available for everyone. But that’s usually not the case. Saving money for college is becoming an increasing concern among new parents. Should you start saving money right away? Will your child work while in college to avoid student loans?  The pressure revolving around investing in education […]

Investing in penny stocks: risks and perks explained

Investing in penny stocks risks and perks explained

How much do you know about investing in penny stocks?  What is a penny stock, anyway? What are the risks of penny stock investing? Is the return of investment worth it? Whoa, there! So many questions! Many who are looking to diversify or create an investment portfolio from scratch are […]

How risky are collectible investments?

How risky are collectible investments

The ‘traditional’ way to invest money usually involves stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the likes. Other ways to invest, less conventional, involve collectibles. But if they represent an infrequent way to invest, how risky are collectible investments? Every once in a while, we all hear about some toy our generation […]

Who needs to buy life insurance?

Who needs buy life insurance

Who needs to buy life insurance? You’d think most young adults don’t think about buying life insurance, but the truth is 60% of the American population already has an insurance policy. Three out of five Americans (60 percent) report owning some sort of life insurance (individual and/or group), and more […]

Investing without Any Previous Experience – Here’s How to Get Started with Stocks

investing without previous experience stocks

Today’s article is from Andrew. Andrew Altman is the editor-in- chief of an informational website SlickBucks.com.  SlickBucks aims to help beginner investors and traders by reviewing financial products and brokerages, sharing advice and tips and publishing helpful guides for new investors and help them to get the kind of financial wealth they desire. […]