How to Save More and Spend Less Effectively?

One word that is used extensively is “budget”.

It is a word that defines your savings and how you save. If you are a saver, this word will be used less frequently by you. The mantra of leading a carefree, happy and prosperous life is saving more.

To start saving more, you need to cut down on your expenses. Is that possible for someone who is a frequent spender?

It does sound difficult but not impossible. “When there is a will, there is a way”, says the mantra that explains determination in just a line.

If you have been trying to save effectively by spending less but have faced disappointments, you can try the tricks mentioned below to save more money.

Save More and Spend Less Effectively

8 Easy Tricks To Save More Money

Stop Using Plastic Cards: People who have the tendency of using ‘plastic’, like debit card, credit card etc., have the tendency of spending more than required. That’s the reason more and more banks approach you for a credit card. When you have limited cash in your pocket with a sum fixed on your mind, you won’t go beyond that. On the other hand, carrying a credit card will give you the freedom to spend.

Maintain a Budget: It sound childish but keeping track of what you are spending on gives you
an eagle’s eye view of your expenses. You get to know where your money is going. You’ll get to answer the question, “Is there a way I can save?”. When you start doing this, for all expenditure you make, you will see the change in your finances in the first month.

Grocery Shopping: This is the biggest mistake most of us make while going grocery shopping.
You can carry a list along for saving your money, but spend on things that look fancier than
you actually need. You need to know what you want and stop spending blindly. This will save a
fortune for you in the long run. Don’t get duped by the fancy packaging of a product. You can
get the same item for a lower price.

Pay online: The traditional method of paying is going to the utility office and paying the bills;  however the method has changed and can save you money. When you choose to pay online, you get certain discounts and cash back. You can use this to your benefit. You target is saving more, isn’t it?

Save on Gym Membership: Yes, it is of utmost importance to stay fit, regardless of your age. It is not for the fact that you want to look good; a good reason to staying fit is staying away from diseases. Today, people prefer the gym to taking a run along the neighborhood. But this will ensure that you stay fit and save money at the same time. Moreover, fresh air is always better than being in a room with an artificial air facility.

Shopping: It is a therapy that rejuvenates everyone’s mind and body. You can’t ignore this aspect for sure. But a slight tweak can be beneficial. Instead of shopping frequently, cut short on the number of days you are out to spend. You can shop once every few months instead of doing it often. You can also compromise on the brand loyalty. You can buy the same item for a lesser price of a different brand. You have no idea what you are going to save eventually. Wait for the “Sales” season and purchase more and better products.

Phone Plan: In every family, each member has his or her phone and a mobile plan. On top of that, you spend more by calling your family members every now and then. That costs you too. What is the best way to deal with this situation? You can choose a plan that gives offers for family members. Now, you will be able to call one another without incurring much cost.

Refurbished Items: There is no harm in choosing refurbished items for your home. It’s like when you go to a hotel that has a bed and other furniture already used by someone else before you had checked in. Why not have that at home? This is a smart move and most of the successful people are trying this and saving more.

These are some of the tricks that have helped many and still helping them save. If you are tired of using your credit card and paying the EMIs, time for you to open your mind, think and not procrastinate and follow these steps to save more in less time.

Money Journey

Money Journey


  1. Some great advice. I like to use my mobile banking apps so I can see what I have overspent on over the past month when I do my checking. The recent thing I found was that I was spending way too much money eating out or getting takeaways, so that is something I am cutting down on massively as of recent. My phone is also dwindling down from £35 a month for a couple more months to only costing £5 a month. A huge difference which should allow an extra £30 into savings, providing my current phone stays OK.

    • Your phone savings are huge! Good for you for finding a better offer.
      I did the same thing just a few months back and the budget is definitely ‘feeling’ the difference 🙂

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