5 frugal mother's day gifts surprises

5 frugal mother’s day gifts & surprises

Are you looking for some frugal mother’s day gifts & surprises? Mother’s day is approaching really fast, and while many may think mothers deserve sparing no expense, I still can’t shake one important thing my mom taught me: the gesture is all that matters. Even though mother’s day is literally just around the corner, there’s… continue reading »

9 useful tips to save money car expenses

9 useful tips to save money on car expenses

Cars are great! But they can also be expensive. So, learning a few useful tips to save money on car expenses should come in handy! As car ownership statistics continue to rise, so do car maintenance costs! Many are able to cut a big chunk of car expenses by using public transportation or riding the bike to work. Still,… continue reading »

30 step checklist financial freedom

30 step checklist for financial freedom

As the Financial Literacy Month comes to an end this week, it can’t hurt to take a moment and look at the 30 step checklist for financial freedom. The guys over at Money Management International did a great job coming up with a 30 day plan to help people achieve financial wellness. But what is financial… continue reading »