30 ways to save money on your water bill

30 ways to save money on your water bill

How many ways to save money on your water bill do you know? We use water on a daily basis and, whether we like it or not, the many gallons of H2O we keep using will eventually end up on yet another bill that needs to be paid. Whether you’re a one person household or a numerous family,… continue reading »

Learn about how to develop a frugal lifestyle and save money.

Develop a frugal habit of saving money

You might belong to a developed country where a 6-figure inheritance and a heavily paying job can push you towards the top 1% of earners but there are few little things like your money habits which often make the difference between a prosperous life and that of constant financial stress. There are financial analysts and… continue reading »

Living frugally on retirement income

Living frugally on a low retirement income

Do you find saving money for retirement to be an overwhelming financial burden? What if you stopped freaking out and started learning about living frugally on a low retirement income? While the thought of early retirement often makes people’s eyes turn into the shape of little hearts, saving enough money to retire comfortably isn’t possible for… continue reading »