9 useful household supplies you can buy for 1$

When saving money becomes a burden, the next best thing is trying to cut costs wherever possible.

If you could find useful things to buy for $1 or less, wouldn’t you take advantage to save even more?

Couponing to save money on food, turning off the lights to save on electricity, downsizing to spend less on house expenses are just few examples on how to cut costs month after month.

However, certain other expenses can still drill a hole even in the most frugal budget.

Buying some of your household supplies for 1$ or less can make a huge difference. Each penny saved is a penny earned!

Although for some household items, paying a higher price does come with quality, warranty and other perks, others can be just as ‘sturdy’ as their expensive equivalents. Paying more than 1$ for them is downright wasteful.

9 useful household supplies
you can buy for 1$

When saving money becomes a burden, the next best thing is trying to cut costs wherever possible. See what useful things you could buy for as low as 1$!


1. Party supplies – Birthday cards, set of balloons, confetti. Let’s not forget about plastic plates and cutlery. Or wrapping paper and gift bags. I could go on and find at least a dozen other party items you can buy for $1, instead of spending a fortune on them!

2. Beauty supplies – You can buy make-up brushes, sponge puffs or nail polish for as low as 1 dollar, instead of spending a lot of money on brand names. I rarely wear any makeup, but when I do, I can assure you I’m just as pretty as anyone using an $300 airbrush makeup kit!

3. Office supplies – Whether you work from home or not, office supplies are still something everyone buys at least on occasion. You can find pens & pencils, binder clips and other office supplies for as low as $1! This reminds me, I need to stock up on plastic pockets. I buy 100 for $1, that’s a pretty sweet deal!

4. First aid supplies – You never know when you might accidentally cut yourself cooking or shaving. It’s always best to have band-aids and other first aid items at hand! You can buy these for 1 dollar at the dollar store, or you can spend tens of bucks on sterile gauze dressings! What do you prefer?

5. Shaving supplies – Razors can be bought for 1$ only, instead of paying full price for a brand name product. If you’re a razor bump victim, it may be best to opt for an electrical razor. But if you’re not picky about your shaving products, a 1$ razor will save you a lot in the long run.

6. Cleaning supplies & tools – Did you know you can get the same squeaky clean effect by replacing expensive products with vinegar, baking powder or even 1 dollar supplies? Mops, cleaning brushes and squeegees can also be bought for as little as 1 buck!

7. Hair accessories – Many years ago, I remember entering a big brand name store, popular for its hair accessories & products. I also remember getting out of there as soon as I saw their prices! You can find super pretty hair accessories for as low as 1 dollar, so why pay more for something you can buy for so much less?

8. Kitchen supplies – Silicone baking molds, wooden spoons, coffee filters and more, I bought for only $1. It’s a shame to pay a steep price for something you can buy for less! Of course, certain kitchen supplies are worth a bigger investment, but other items do the same good job even if you buy them for cheap.

9. Disposable supplies – Most disposable supplies can come at high costs, so if you can get them for cheap, why not take advantage? Disposable things I buy for $1 include plastic bags, food packaging supplies, tissues and so on. You use these once and throw them away anyway, you might as well save money when buying disposable items.

Finding stores that sell these items for $1 or less can do wonders for your monthly savings!

The secret trick to saving money this way is to check if the price actually makes sense. In most cases though, it does!

As long as using a cheap product doesn’t affect your health or quality of life, why pay more when you can buy it for less?

What household items do you usually buy for $1 or less?
How much of a difference have you noticed in your budget since you cut your costs?



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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing! I also recently found out that Dollar Tree carries many different sizes of light bulbs for only $1! For me, the best savings there are the recessed light bulbs, that elsewhere can cost upwards of $10 each. Needless to say I have a nice little stockpile of all the bulb sizes in my house.

    • Me too! Should any light bulb around the house ‘die’ all of a sudden, another one is ready to take it’s place! We always stockpile on these items ahead of time 🙂 Helps us save both time and money.

  2. Nice! We have a ton of dollar stores around here, and I’ve bagged quite some deals in them over the years! I don’t go as often as I used to, but there are definitely some great savings to be had. Often, on some of these overlooked items, the price is better than Costco or Walmart. Thanks for sharing!

    • I love one dollar stores! Truth is, not everything they sell is of great quality, but most items that are, are totally worth a trip 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Tim!

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