Time To Monitor Bitcoin As An Investment

Time To Monitor Bitcoin As An Investment

The idea of Bitcoin as an investment asset, or even as any kind of asset, is still foreign to a lot of us. This is a tech-based alternative currency that, for a few years at least, seemed like a fad. It appeared to be destined to fade away and become […]

Investing in penny stocks: risks and perks explained

Investing in penny stocks risks and perks explained

How much do you know about investing in penny stocks?  What is a penny stock, anyway? What are the risks of penny stock investing? Is the return of investment worth it? Whoa, there! So many questions! Many who are looking to diversify or create an investment portfolio from scratch are […]

How risky are collectible investments?

How risky are collectible investments

The ‘traditional’ way to invest money usually involves stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the likes. Other ways to invest, less conventional, involve collectibles. But if they represent an infrequent way to invest, how risky are collectible investments? Every once in a while, we all hear about some toy our generation […]

Investing without Any Previous Experience – Here’s How to Get Started with Stocks

investing without previous experience stocks

Today’s article is from Andrew. Andrew Altman is the editor-in- chief of an informational website SlickBucks.com.  SlickBucks aims to help beginner investors and traders by reviewing financial products and brokerages, sharing advice and tips and publishing helpful guides for new investors and help them to get the kind of financial wealth they desire. […]

Investing basics: comparing stocks, bonds and mutual funds

Investing basics comparing stocks, bonds and mutual funds

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about investing? Is it a mass of people, dressed in designer suits, yelling “BUY!”, “SELL!”, while holding several phones to their ears? Despite the Wall Street image of the stock market, investing as a means to earn and save money is […]

Equity crowdfunding investing risks and opportunities

Equity crowdfunding investing risks and opportunities

Can you make money through crowdfunding? Just like any other types of investments, equity crowdfunding investing comes with both risks and opportunities. Crowdfunding is no longer a mysterious investing tool. On the contrary, this way to invest money has been gaining ground for the past few years. As many of […]

5 ways to invest in real estate (even with no money)

5 ways to invest in real estate even with no money

Buying real estate usually implies being stuck with a mortgage and living on the cheap to pay it off. But investing has changed over the years and today, there are actually plenty of ways to invest in real estate, even with no money! You might think real estate investing requires much cash and […]

Simple but effective investing tips and strategies

Simple but effective investing tips and strategies

This is a guest post from Troy over at MarketHistory.org. Troy blogs about his thoughts on the stock market and investing. What my first girlfriend taught me about investing I dated my first girlfriend back in highschool where we met through the track and field team. Our team trained 4x a […]