Brilliant ways to save money on wedding

Brilliant ways to save money on your wedding

Love, love, love. Love is all you need, as the Beatles used to sing. When wedding bells start to ring though, it’s usually time to fork up a whole lot of money! Weddings are expensive and that’s not a secret. Money problems and debt shouldn’t be a way to start a marriage though, especially since… continue reading »

Best 13 ways to enjoy a no spend summer weekend

Best 13 ways to enjoy a no spend summer weekend

Can you really enjoy a no spend summer weekend? Can you actually let a whole weekend go by without spending a dime? Many who have adopted a frugal lifestyle and embraced minimalism are actually enjoying no spend weekends on a regular basis. So yes, no spend week end days are not a total mystery. In… continue reading »

5 money saving tips dont work

5 money saving “tips” that don’t work

Saving money should be a priority if you have important plans for your future. Often times though, we struggle with certain money saving tips that don’t work! Money saving advice is accessible for everyone, it’s one of the best advantages of living in the era of information. However, getting carried away with tips & tricks can… continue reading »