Is it worthwhile to invest in precious metals?

Gold, silver and platinum metals hold value, even when the stock market is down. Learn more about how to keep your portfolio diversified.  

When you hear people talk about investing in precious metals you should understand that they are talking about investing in gold, silver and platinum metals.  These metals are metals that people have traded since the beginning of time. They hold value, even when the stock market is down. However, they do not tend to increase in value at a very large rate so investing in metals is something that many people do to keep their portfolio diversified.  

There are two ways to invest in precious metals.  You can physically buy the metals and store them yourself. This is usually done by purchasing coins.  This can be done in various ways, however, if you choose the internet, be sure you are purchasing from a verified dealer.  There are a lot of scams out there so it is important that you do your research. The same is for local dealers as well. Scams are just about everywhere these days so just be careful.  Do the research and read the reviews of places, businesses, and people.  

Is it worthwhile to invest in precious metals

Store your gold in a secure place

Once you have the coins you will need a secure place to store them.  This can be in your personal safety in your home. Or you can store them in a safety deposit box at a bank but they certainly should be stored securely.  Treat them as an investment and take good care of them. Coins, quite often, are worth more than billions. This is because they are made of precious metal but typically have significant historical value.  

Gold is limited on how much is available on the market. Unlike paper money that is regulated but has no actual backing, gold is a physical thing that you can feel and touch.  This is why some people prefer to invest in it. It is something that is easily understood and will hold its value for the most part. Even if money does fall, you will always have gold.  It has been used since the beginning of time and was the original currency.   

However, if times get really tough, gold may not have a huge value.  You cannot eat it, stay warm or make anything of value unless there is someone that wants to buy it.  

Gold goes up in a weak economy

People often move to gold when the economy is weak, out of fear.  As the rest of the portfolio goes into a deep depression, people switch to the more stable gold and typically there is a spike in the price for a bit.  These spikes don’t last long and are great times for selling. Diversifying your portfolio is important to your overall investments.  

Gold is worthwhile and was the very first thing that people used to invest in.  Think about it, the original people used gold as a trading commodity. There were ships lost at sea that was filled with gold bullion.  And, there were pirates after these ships, why? Because gold was worth something. People wanted it and it was a valuable commodity that could get you anything you wanted.

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