How to Put Your Financial Anxiety to Rest

Financial anxiety is a huge source of stress for many people, regardless of their financial situations.

If you are often left panicking over your financial woes, there has to be a reason for all the stress.

By taking a step back and acknowledging where this anxiety comes from, you can get a hold of your finances and put your mind at ease.

Managing Financial Stress

Taking control of one’s finances is no easy task. Whether you have bills that have been piling up or you are struggling to make ends meet, it is hard to keep the stress at bay. Read on to find out some of the most effective ways to get a hold of any financial anxiety in your life:

Put Your Financial Anxiety to Rest

Focus on Good Things

Focusing on the good aspects of your financial habits can pay off. Of course, all the positive thoughts in the world won’t handle your bills or give you extra cash, but it will help you calm down and get a hold of your anxiety. Similarly, it can help you value and recognize your strengths, which can help you develop creative solutions to any monetary problems you may have.

Start by listing all the positive aspects of your money management abilities. For example, if you are regularly putting money away into an IRA or 401 K, working at a job you like, or consistently building your emergency fund, these are things to be celebrated.

When money begins to make you anxious or you suffer a financial loss, focus on all the good things you have been doing so far with your money. For example, if you love to shop–this is still possible without going broke. You can still buy your favorite brands for a lesser price if you shop around a little bit.

Don’t Shame Yourself

We all have a past–some of ours may be a little more financially unstable than others. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Taking pity on one’s self for former mismanagement of finances can put you in a negative cycle led by stress and the potential to further mismanage your money.

Whenever you start feeling ashamed about the money you have or don’t have, it’s best to begin educating yourself on how to better manage your money, as well as taking the time to organize your finances properly.

Get Financial Assistance

Setting up an appointment with your financial adviser will help to calm your fears and make sure that you are on a great path for all of your goals. Whether or not you would like to start investing, saving for retirement, or better defining your dreams for the future, your adviser is an excellent way to make all of that happen.

Many people don’t realize the peace of mind that a financial advisor provides. Like visiting a therapist for finances, your advisor will help put your mind at ease. If you find yourself struggling to stay afloat financially or in the midst of filing for bankruptcy, speaking with advisor will help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Set Up Your Emergency Fund

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This is true, no matter how well we prepare for the future. When tragedy strikes, you will suddenly be thankful for all the times that you have been stashing money away in your emergency account. Whether you have lost your job, lost a family member, or suffered an injury or illness, you will need a significant amount of money to get your way out.

In case you haven’t started your emergency fund, it is a good idea to start setting up a plan to save $1,000. After that, most people like to keep six months of living expenses stashed away, to keep themselves prepared for any unexpected situations.

Don’t Compare Yourself

On the Internet, it is almost impossible not to compare our lives with our friends, as well as random strangers. Specifically, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it can be hard to escape the lives of the rich, beautiful, and famous. Oftentimes, when we become so enwrapped in the lives of others, we start to doubt our own value and successes. This will undoubtedly lead to an unhealthy amount of financial anxiety, giving you something else to worry about.

The next time you want to compare yourself to others, remember that you do not know what’s going on in their lives financially. These people may be in a significant amount of debt, living out of their cars, or effectively jobless. You are on your own path and the best way to succeed is to focus on your own success.

Quit Worrying

Worrying about your money won’t help you make more money. Spend your time instead learning how to keep your fears silenced, and working to have a healthy attitude towards your finances.

As you focus on saving your money, celebrating your successful habits, and educating yourself on good financial practices, you will soon find that any anxiety you have experienced in the past will be replaced with control and confidence. It takes some time to get used to, but it is definitely possible to achieve with a little positivity and hard work.

Money Journey

Money Journey


  1. You raise some good points. A lot of financial success comes from self belief. You need to knock the worry and anxiety and be able to refocus yourself and get a grip of your finances to be able to reach where you need to be. State of mind is crucial in how we spend and think about money so it is important to focus correctly if you want to succeed.

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