6 Benefits of Using Document Sharing Platforms 

Setting up a document sharing platform could be the right move to make a positive impact on your employees and streamline your processes.

The modern office is changing. Now, employees want more. Between remote working and more travel opportunities to greater and easier collaboration what employees want can sometimes be hard to fulfill. However, if you want to make a positive impact on your employees’ motivation and streamlining your business processes setting up a document sharing platform could be the right move for you. What follows are some of the most popular reasons why so many companies are choosing to adopt this new cloud technology.

6 Benefits of Using Document Sharing Platforms 

Seamless collaboration on documents

One of the most important elements of successful workforces across the world is collaboration. Collaboration is key but, especially in large businesses with offices in different locations, enabling enough collaboration can be difficult. Document sharing platforms usually allow for easier and more far-reaching collaboration online. So, whether you want several colleagues working on a single document together or easy sharing of your documents with clients and stakeholders this new level of collaboration can improve creativity and create faster and more efficient business processes.

Work from anywhere with an internet connection

Another advantage of having files stored online is that all employees can access them from anywhere they like (within reason). So, if any member workforce can’t make it to the office because they are stuck somewhere then there is no need for them to fall behind. Plus, providing the technology to let your trusted employees work from home a few days a week is always likely to raise morale in the office.

Decreasing your administrative costs

When you switch to a sharing platform that also allows for online document storage and management in the same system, as most do, you will soon find your administrative costs falling. By storing your files in the cloud, you will no longer need to keep running expensive internal servers and physical hard drives. In addition, the documents will be internet accessible so you will no longer have to transfer files between offices by paying for couriers. Plus, with so many plans available for all types and sizes of business, with a little research, you can find the perfect price and perfect plan for your needs.

Increased levels of security

As businesses have become more computer and online-based, security has become a growing concern for most businesses. You may be afraid to trust in online services, but when you choose a reputable provider who are experts in document sharing and security you can actually make it a lot safer for your employees to store and transfer documents. With no more messing around with easily-lost thumb drives and untrustworthy servers, you can safely grant access of individual files to the employees who need to view or edit them. In addition to security against malicious hackers and fraudsters, storing your files on an external server means you will benefit from a large and experienced team dedicated to making sure the external server you are using is kept up and running. This means you are likely to experience interruptions and slower load times.

Better project management

When you switch to a cloud storage document sharing system you will quickly realise the additional advantages it will offer in terms of project management. Keeping your files in easily accessible places online will mean that anyone working on a project can have all the information they need at the touch of a button. Plus, many of these document platforms have useful features like alerts and reminders for when certain processes need to take place and can often sync with your other business systems like client relationship management platforms and the backend of your website. For managers, these cloud-based document platforms will usually offer data on the type of device you use, the location of the user and the exact time and date a document was be edited, allowing them to easily keep track of ongoing work.

Hassle-free auditing

Auditing is often cited as a major source of stress for business managers. The process can require a near superhuman ability to remember the precise location of multiple different documents which, as you can imagine, is a mammoth task. But, when the online file platforms are up and running, you can search out the files much more easily and efficiently as each file will have a breadcrumb trail and metadata easily searchable. So, if you are worried about keeping up with the ever-changing rules and protocols around file storage then an online platform can make your life a lot easier.

As you can see there are plenty of really helpful advantages of switching to cloud-based document sharing that you will start to benefit from as soon as your platform is up and running. So, before your next audit or potential security breach why don’t you make the change to an effective, safe and cost-effective alternative to a conventional internally-based document sharing platform.


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