Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Debt

When you start tackling your debts, you’ll find there are advantages and disadvantages. However, breaking the debt habit can be tricky, not impossible.

Breaking any habit can be tricky but by no means impossible. Even though cycles can become reinforced throughout the months and years, there are effective tips to stopping them. When it comes down to debt, many people fall into the vicious cycle and don’t know how to get out.

This article will run through some of the most effective things you can do to help you prevent debt from reoccurring. When you make a commitment to yourself, your loved ones and make an earnest effort to change, great things happen. Alongside these proven actions, you will be well on your way to better money management.

When you start to work through your debts, you’ll find there are debt agreement advantages and disadvantages. That in mind, keep reading for some great advice on how to break the debt cycle.

Breaking the vicious cycle of debt


Keep track of what you spend

If you’re like the vast majority, money is limited and tracking your outgoings can really help you calm the debt. It helps you become more mindful of your spending, so you can visually see ways you are wasting money and what you can cut down on. Buying a budgeting book can help and getting into the habit of writing down whatever you spend. You’ll have an accurate snapshot of your financial situation, so you can then begin to mend it.

Get clued up on your debts

Making sure you have what you owe written down is important. This way, you can set a budget for the month and know exactly what you have to spend. Being strict, at least for the initial months, will really give you the boost you need.

Try and spend cash instead of card

Ditching the card can be a relief when you’re out and about. A piece of plastic can be much easier to spend and lose track of when out and about. Instead, withdrawing a certain amount can give you that pick-me-up when regaining the funds.

Make a budget

As mentioned before, you should work out your monthly outgoings and your total earnings. Now work out how comfortably you can get by on for living purposes. Your debt repayments should also be treated as bills, so it will be within the monthly outgoings bracket.

Change your mindset

Flipping your mindset is a great way to defeat the debt cycle in the long term. When your paradigms shift, real change occurs. This means, lose the excitement of buying new things. Whatever you find yourself spending a lot of money on, try and think of whether you really need it and how it is causing more stress by stacking up debt. Once the excitement wears off, it’s easier to prevent debt.

Now you know a few tricks, try putting them into action to see noticeable differences in your spending.

Money Journey

Money Journey


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