Tie the Knot and Cut the Costs: A Guide for Newlywed Couples on Finding the Best Cities to Live in

One of the most exciting and challenging steps for newlywed couples is finding their ideal home. However, not every dream house is within their budget, and not every city offers the same opportunities and quality of life. A new study from StorageCafe explores how newlyweds can balance their financial and personal goals and find the best places to live in.

The ranking looked at 100 of the largest US cities and 15 metrics that influence budget aspects and couple well-being to find the best places to settle down, including average income, housing prices, rental costs, housing per capita, unemployment rates, lifestyle amenities, and more.

Here is a closer look at the ultimate US destinations for newlyweds who seek both passion and prosperity in their married life.

Arlington, VA, is the ultimate US city for newlyweds who want to start their married life in style

Arlington has everything new couples need: high incomes (millennials earn around $134K/year, one of the highest incomes in the country), a strong job market, plenty of housing options (0.5 units per capita), and great recreation opportunities.

Most people here are married and happy, and there are many young couples to mingle with. The public sector and the tech industry offer lucrative jobs, and local homes are affordable and available. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a fun activity, or a scenic hike, Arlington has it all. No wonder Virginia is for lovers!

Santa Clarita, CA, the affordable haven for newlyweds

Santa Clarita, CA, is an ideal choice for newlyweds seeking both financial prosperity and affordable living. With a median income of $117,270, well above the national average, millennials in Santa Clarita spend only 14% of their income on rent.

To top that, the average 2-bedroom apartment ranges around $55,296, which is the second most affordable in the country.

The city is not only affordable but also fun and lively, with many restaurants to choose from (1.9 restaurants per capita) and recreational venues to enjoy. Santa Clarita ranks first on online searches for couples’ activities, so don’t be surprised to find out that love is in the air everywhere you look.

Nebraska offers a blend of marital joy and financial stability

For romance and prosperity, you can’t go wrong with Omaha and Lincoln in Nebraska. With a median income of $69,651, young married people in Lincoln only spend approximately 21% of their earnings on rent.

Plus, the average energy bill there is a decent $128/month, contributing to a more budget-friendly and enjoyable lifestyle. Meanwhile, in Omaha, the median income is slightly lower at $64,917, and couples spend around 24% of their earnings on rent.

The best suburban spot for couples to move to: Fremont

Fremont is a San Jose suburb that offers a gateway to Silicon Valley and its abundant tech jobs. It’s a great place for new couples to settle down and enjoy their married life.

In fact, Fremont has the most married people (62%) and the fewest divorced people (6%) among the 100 largest cities in the country. Thanks to the amazing tech careers, young couples in Fremont bring home about $186K per year per household. This offers them plenty of money for fun couples’ activities such as bowling alleys, golf courses or restaurants, which are plentiful in the city.

Scottsdale, AZ, has plenty of housing options for young couples

Why is Scottsdale a city of love? To start with, more than half of the people here are happily married, and divorce rates are low. The housing market is vibrant, with plenty of options for couples looking for a fresh start.

Whether you prefer a spacious house or a luxury apartment, you’ll find it here. As a matter of fact, Scottsdale has the second-highest number of housing units per person in the country, so you won’t have trouble finding your dream home.

In addition, you and your partner can achieve your career goals in this city, where the unemployment rate is low (2.5%) and the incomes are high. The average income for 25-44-year-olds is over $100K per year, making Scottsdale one of the best places for newlyweds to earn and save money. The cost of living is also reasonable: the average electricity bill is around $185/month , and the gas price is $3.50 per gallon, one of the lowest in the nation.

Having a place for your stuff can help make the new home your home

Combining your life with someone also means combining households and finding a place for all of your belongings. Having a place for all your stuff is hard even as a single person, but fitting two homes into one – now that’s a challenge. One easy solution to keep clutter away from your new home is getting a storage unit which can help you deal with your stuff. Self storage is generally inexpensive and comes in handy for storing the things you need but don’t use very often, such as seasonal items, extra furniture, or sentimental items.

Not to mention that moving can be expensive and stressful, especially if you have to move multiple times or deal with delays. A storage unit can help you save money and time by allowing you to store your belongings in one place until you are ready to move them into a new place. In case you have valuable belongings, you can opt for climate-controlled storage units where temperature and humidity are always kept within narrow ranges. This way you won’t have to worry about paying for multiple movers, renting trucks, or packing and unpacking multiple times.

Finding the best place to live as a newlywed couple might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many cities in the US that offer a balance of financial and personal well-being for new couples. Whether you’re looking for a high-income city, an affordable city, a suburban city, or a city with plenty of housing options, you can find it in this ranking. These are the ultimate US destinations for newlyweds who want both passion and prosperity in their married life.



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