10 ways to budget money on a low income

10 ways to budget money on a low income

Are you currently living paycheck to paycheck? Well, then you’re not the only one finding it difficult to budget money on a low income! Many people have absolutely no idea where exactly does their income disappear. It’s a total mystery for most low income families, which is a shame since this means getting into a vicious… continue reading »

6 kitchen appliances that save time and money

6 kitchen appliances that save time and money

Kitchen tools! How would we even enjoy cooking without certain kitchen appliances that save time and money?  Knowing how to grocery shop smart is definitely important (regardless of the size of your budget) but cooking every meal from scratch is, without a doubt, the n°1 way to save money for every family living paycheck to paycheck. The problem with home cooking though is,… continue reading »

5 brilliant ways spring cleaning can benefit finances

5 brilliant ways spring cleaning can benefit your finances

Ever wondered if spring cleaning can benefit your finances? Of course it can, cleaning your home from top to bottom doesn’t just mean slaving on your elbows and knees. It can be a way to help avoid squandering some great financial opportunities. Not everyone’s excited about spring cleaning (self included), but it’s nice to have a squeaky… continue reading »

Learn how to budget money in 5 easy steps

Learn how to budget money in 5 easy steps

Knowing how to manage your money means having full control over your own finances. You’ll be able to quickly reach your financial goals and pay off debts sooner than you thought, once you learn how to budget your money. There’s more than one way to keep track of your budget. There are online applications that can be of great help…. continue reading »

10 examples poor financial money management

10 examples of poor financial money management

Poor financial money management could lead to serious budget and lifestyle consequences. Whether you’re on a low income or earn big, not being able to manage your finances will probably bury you in debt. Financial money management might seem complicated, especially for young adults who’re just starting to learn what’s it like to earn a salary and… continue reading »

Are you saving enough for retirement

Are you saving enough for your retirement?

Gone are the days when you could live your life carelessly, knowing you have a government retirement plan to rely on after 40 years of work, work, work everyday. That’s ancient history. Today, unless you save money for retirement starting as early as possible, you might not have enough of a budget to rely on… continue reading »