Debt consolidation pros and cons explained

debt consolidation pros cons explained

What are the pros and cons of debt consolidation? A legit question that’s on the mind of many people in debt. Debt consolidation is a way to ‘combine’ multiple small debts into one single (and bigger) loan. When attempting to consolidate debt, you’re looking to take out a loan big […]

9 effective ways to improve your credit score

9 effective ways to improve your credit score

Having trouble getting approved for a loan or finding a good job? These are just a couple of the bad consequences of having bad credit, so maybe finding some effective ways to improve your credit score is a good idea. Having (and maintaining) a good credit score is extremely important. Even […]

3 types of good debt

3 examples of good debt

Is debt bad? Of course it is, it’s the opposite of financial freedom! However, certain types of good debt actually exist! While paying interest rates month after month shouldn’t be considered normal, some loans are perfectly justifiable! And no, buying a car or a vacation package don’t qualify as acceptable debt. […]

Consequences of a bad credit history

Consequences of a bad credit history

It’s no secret that poor financial money management leads to suffering the consequences of a bad credit history. Maintaining a good credit score is important. Although it seems average scores continue to rise each year, there are still plenty of people who struggle with a poor credit history. And anything below 580 is […]

Personal finance today vs. many moons ago

Personal finance today vs in the past

Once upon a time, life seemed to be a lot simpler. Money were handled in a very different manner and certain financial situations didn’t cause huge problems with huge consequences. Times change, and we always hope it’s all for the better, but 30 years ago people actually had less money problems and […]