Why New Cars Are More Affordable Than You Might Think

What if the expense of new cars has been grossly exaggerated? Here’s why new cars are more affordable than you might think!

For all their refinement and polish, new cars have amassed some stigma lately. After all, in recent times many people have preferred to buy used cars, and major car dealers are tinkering with their infrastructure to meet the demand for second-hand vehicles. Though there’s been more chances of mechanical faults, it’s not been enough to turn things in favor of freshly made motors.

Of course, the major factor that’s causing this shift is the pricing of the vehicles. What’s used will always be cheaper than what’s new. Still, what if the expense of new cars has been grossly exaggerated? What if it’s all one big misunderstanding on the part of the buyer?  

Consequently, here’s why new cars are more affordable than you might think!

Why New Cars Are More Affordable Than You Might Think

Paying for Quality

When you’re parting ways with huge sums of cash, it can be hard to dispel that empty feeling afterwards. Even if you feel like you’ve made a necessary investment, that’s not always synonymous with it feeling truly worthwhile in your gut. Often, what’s ‘affordable’ can mean ‘what’s a worthwhile expense’, and a new car doesn’t always feel like it is one.

It’s important to remember that every penny you spend on a new car is well spent. While your past car may have been littered with problems and burdened by a constant need for the repairs, new cars are far more reliable. Therefore, additional service and maintenance costs will be extremely low, which means you don’t have to worry about forking out more money for repairs.  

Negotiating Price

When buying a new car, it can be easy to trick yourself into thinking that the price of a new car is fixed. The feeling of failure sets in immediately upon seeing the extortionate amounts, and if you’re just a hair shy of the asking price of a car you like, it can feel extremely disappointing. Still, the game needn’t be over just yet.

Certain dealers will be prepared to haggle with the vehicles that they’re struggling to sell. After all, some money is better than no money, and they need their commission to function. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price, because the worst that will happen is that they’ll say no. You need to be an excellent wordsmith if you’re going to succeed, so be firm when stating your preferred pricing.

Additionally, if you’re not confident in your persuasiveness, you can bag the services of an expert broker who can negotiate on your behalf. They’ll know which dealers to approach and have the knowledge to help you secure a bargain. Of course, ensure that any brokers your working with are professional and well-versed in what they’re doing before you use them!

Deposits and Monthly Payments

While it might be a struggle at first to find a new car that sits in your budget comfortably, be patient and scout around for the right dealership. This is because each dealership will have a different way of selling their stock. They may focus on different brands, price based on popularity and newness, or on the vehicle’s capabilities alone. It’s all up in the air.

For example, dealers that specialize in certain brands tend to sell their vehicles in a more dynamic and affordable fashion. This is because they’re not just flogging any old kind of car. Firms dedicated to minis, for instance, are a great place to start your search, because they’ll take both deposits and monthly payments for the love of their brand. This helps to break up your payment into small chunks, and it’s a deal not every dealership would offer.

Money Journey

Money Journey


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