Business Process Automation has been a great help in all industries as it makes the corporate work easy to deal with. It potentially gives businesses access to a more simplified job. There are apps where you can receive data analysis reports, track business assets or even gauge customer experience in just a snap. According to a survey, almost all industries are using automation for at least one business function. Though automatization isn’t the future, it is definitely the now. This article aims to discuss what process automation is and the benefits it can do for your company.

Process automation is simply utilizing digital technology to avoid complicated tasks and do it automatically. The main purpose is to remove manual work and allow the computer software to do your tasks on your behalf. Several automation tools are being combined for ultimate results and build the best strategy for any line of business. Some of the sample software for process automation include robotic process automation (RPA) or business process automation (BPA) or both combined. BPA is for the whole process which means carrying out the entire workflow from start to finish while RPA is for individual tasks like sending correspondence to customers. 

This article will help you accomplish all the benefits of automating your business and how it will be more attainable yet realistic. Read on.

  1. Saves Money – since process automation is optimization, your business can produce more with less. An automated system can carry out a wide range of tasks simultaneously which humans can’t do. You can have a robot execute your basic but tedious tasks instead of hiring employees and sign a paycheck for them. Automated bots can respond to multiple emails at once unlike people who take longer to respond  needing to go through each email. Automation can also be used for onboarding new hires, email correspondence and recruitment. It is a cheaper alternative to hiring employees to do the same thing. Software can also manage your files and forgetting small tasks is close to impossible which in turn will reduce the risk of financial loss. Automation is cloud-based so your office will reduce spending on supplies like paper, ink and toner. Having said that, you are actually helping the environment in achieving sustainable carbon emissions reductions to aid businesses in boosting the eco-friendly brand image.
  2. Happier and Productive Employees – when you have happy and contented employees in the workplace, it can elevate your business. Happy employees produce efficient results and can be twice as productive than unhappy workers. Process automation can make work even more stress free as it frees the employees from doing repetitive and boring office stuff. Rather, they will feel more valued because they can spend more time in business collaboration and social interaction. 
  3. Reduce Error – while we cannot avoid committing human mistakes in the office, it can be reduced with automation. Having computers process orders, record data, and store files leaves less room for human error since softwares can handle high volume repetitive tasks consistently. In accounting technology for example, automation can actually help identify potential errors in invoices, payment discrepancies and bank statements because it has all the previously recorded data. It also has  the ability to cross-matched data to ensure reliable information. Another advantage of automation which makes the files safe and easy to recover in case of data loss. 
  4. Faster Transaction – digital transformation from payrolls to online sales of goods, procurement and logistics make things easier for everyone involved especially customers. Logistics and supply chain automation helps customers to quickly request a quote from a wide variety of suppliers all at the same time and open the door for the bidding process instantly. It also minimizes the manual paperwork involved and improves customer satisfaction.  
  5. Excellent Customer Service – automation bots can respond to customers simultaneously every second of the day at once. This can make your customers feel that you value their time and that you care for what they are going through. Moreover, customers won’t have to deal with many questions when you already have easy access to their order history and information. In this way, they become loyal and more likely to recommend your business to others. Software can also send holiday emails, thank you notes and coupons to achieve customer satisfaction. Other software can also help other professionals like property managers to manage properties and tenants through efficient dissemination of tenant’s rights, tracking existing complaints, and resolving them on time reducing conflict between the landlord and renter.

There you have it. Thorough thinking and evaluation is needed in optimizing the benefits of automation in your organization. Bear in mind that automation is not an overnight thing so do not automate everything at once. It is wise and safe to watch how each change improves your overall method before you automate further.  Automation is not only for big companies, small businesses too can start automation so they can dedicate their other resources to revolutionize their business.

Author BIO: Katreena is a scientist and a life hack specialist. She’s authored scientific journals on biotechnology and molecular biology. To take a break from scientific journals, she puts her mind into writing about lifestyle, health, and sustainability. She strongly believes that kindness makes the world go round.

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