Household expenses: comparing today to the 90’s

Household expenses today vs the 90s

Bills, bills bills! How do household expenses compare today vs. the 90’s? When you were just a kid, can you remember the bills your parents had to budget for? As Millennials, you can’t deny looking back and comparing life in the 90’s to today. Surely you thought about it when […]

Living in a tiny house: pros and cons

Living in a tiny house advantages and disadvantages

Tiny houses became increasingly popular over the last few years. Although living in a tiny home comes with pros and cons, the concept of extreme downsizing sounds appealing to many. Minimalism went from ‘trend’ to a real lifestyle choice, which makes many people want to join the tiny house movement. […]

Investing in penny stocks: risks and perks explained

Investing in penny stocks risks and perks explained

How much do you know about investing in penny stocks?  What is a penny stock, anyway? What are the risks of penny stock investing? Is the return of investment worth it? Whoa, there! So many questions! Many who are looking to diversify or create an investment portfolio from scratch are […]

How risky are collectible investments?

How risky are collectible investments

The ‘traditional’ way to invest money usually involves stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the likes. Other ways to invest, less conventional, involve collectibles. But if they represent an infrequent way to invest, how risky are collectible investments? Every once in a while, we all hear about some toy our generation […]

15 monthly expenses to cut and save money

15 monthly expenses to cut and save money

Saving money is a priority in many households (as it should be). Fortunately, there are countless ways to cut monthly expenses and help you top off that savings account! Anyone looking to build a nest egg or simply save for specific purchases understands the importance of saving part of each […]

How to flip a house for profit

How to flip a house for profit

How much do you know about flipping houses to make money? Real estate investing is an ever growing market with great potential for profit. There are many ways one can build wealth with real estate: becoming a landlord, making money with AirBnb, flipping houses, etc. The latter, although in need […]

Debt consolidation pros and cons explained

debt consolidation pros cons explained

What are the pros and cons of debt consolidation? A legit question that’s on the mind of many people in debt. Debt consolidation is a way to ‘combine’ multiple small debts into one single (and bigger) loan. When attempting to consolidate debt, you’re looking to take out a loan big […]

Hidden expenses homeowners often forget

Hidden expenses homeowners often forget about

Have you ever wondered why real estate experts insist you don’t buy more house than you can afford? Could it be because of the hidden expenses homeowners often forget? Buying real estate is great and kind of exciting. Becoming a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility, but how great is […]

Who needs to buy life insurance?

Who needs buy life insurance

Who needs to buy life insurance? You’d think most young adults don’t think about buying life insurance, but the truth is 60% of the American population already has an insurance policy. Three out of five Americans (60 percent) report owning some sort of life insurance (individual and/or group), and more […]

13 budgeting myths that keep you from tracking your money

13 budgeting myths that keep you from tracking your money

Does budgeting make you hurl? You may think budgeting is utterly boring and useless. Or you might think it’s only for the rich. After all, richie rich people have a ton of money, they need to keep track of their finances somehow. These, however, are common misconceptions. Budgeting myths that […]