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Save Money

Adriana September 22, 2017 0 comments

How to start an emergency fund from scratch

Everyone is (or should be) aware of the importance of saving money for unexpected, yet needed, expenses. But how do you start an emergency fund from scratch? Without doubt, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, in any given situation. Unexpected events can happen at any time. Whether we
Save Money
Adriana September 1, 2017 3 comments

15 monthly expenses to cut and save money

Saving money is a priority in many households (as it should be). Fortunately, there are countless ways to cut monthly expenses and help you top off that savings account! Anyone looking to build a nest egg or simply save for specific purchases understands the importance of saving part of each
Save Money

Credit Cards & Debt

Adriana August 25, 2017 0 comments

Debt consolidation pros and cons explained

What are the pros and cons of debt consolidation? A legit question that’s on the mind of many people in debt. Debt consolidation is a way to ‘combine’ multiple small debts into one single (and bigger) loan. When attempting to consolidate debt, you’re looking to take out a loan big
Credit Cards and Debt Debt
Adriana August 14, 2017 3 comments

13 budgeting myths that keep you from tracking your money

Does budgeting make you hurl? You may think budgeting is utterly boring and useless. Or you might think it’s only for the rich. After all, richie rich people have a ton of money, they need to keep track of their finances somehow. These, however, are common misconceptions. Budgeting myths that
Credit Cards and Debt Debt

Investing & Real Estate

Author September 18, 2017 2 comments

3 Keys to A Successful & Permanent Timeshare Exit

For many, timeshares offer a once-in- a-lifetime chance to own a thin slice of paradise 1- 2 weeks each year. Just as often, however, that paradise can slowly turn into a financial nightmare as maintenance fees, special assessments, and other timeshare-related costs continue to spiral out of control — making timeshares
Investing and Real Estate Real Estate
Adriana September 11, 2017 0 comments

Living in a tiny house: pros and cons

Tiny houses became increasingly popular over the last few years. Although living in a tiny home comes with pros and cons, the concept of extreme downsizing sounds appealing to many. Minimalism went from ‘trend’ to a real lifestyle choice, which makes many people want to join the tiny house movement.
Investing and Real Estate Real Estate


Adriana July 28, 2017 0 comments

What is a 403(b) plan and how does it work

What are 403(b) plans and how do they work? Most of the time, the spotlight is on the 401(k) plans. A 403(b) plan is equally important though. It’s just aimed at a different group of employees. When a company hires you, one of your very first tasks as a new
Adriana June 12, 2017 2 comments

12 retirement lessons I learned from my grandparents

Maybe the golden years still look too blurry to glimpse at a clear picture, but over the years we should be able to  grab hold of a few retirement lessons from grandparents. Unlike many of my former school mates, I didn’t have the opportunity to spend summer vacations at the