Does a stay at home parent need life insurance?

stay at home parent life insurance

You may already know the value of life insurance. Millions of couples with a mortgage, young children or both view cover as a necessity. A policy can help eliminate much of the financial stress families often experience when the primary breadwinner passes away unexpectedly. This much needed peace of mind may help cover […]

Lending Money to Family and Friends: A Checklist

Lending Money Family and Friends

Lending money to family and friends may seem like the best way to avoid the costs associated with borrowing from banks and other sources, but it can cause lasting damage to some of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. For that reason, it’s certainly something to consider carefully. There are a […]

5 profitable house flipping strategies

5 profitable house flipping strategies

Investing in real estate has always been a well-known way to earn good money. Ownership investments, property rentals, profitable house flipping strategies are just a few of the many great opportunities to start building wealth. Flipping houses for profit is an age-old concept that has helped many real estate investors […]

5 International Money Transfer Tips for Individuals

5 International Money Transfer Tips for Individuals

International money transfers can be a daunting task for most people. The transfer itself is easily made with a bit of knowledge under your belt. The currency market is very volatile, which is another reason people find currency transfers challenging. Though it is one of the most liquid markets, the Forex market […]

What You Should Know Before Being A Guarantor On A Loan

What To Know Before Being A Guarantor On A Loan

Many lenders nowadays require a guarantor on a loan, or a person responsible for guaranteeing the repayment of a loan if the signed borrower is unable to do so. The influence a guarantor has on the approval of the loan is immense, as they are one of the most significant aspects a […]

How to Put Your Financial Anxiety to Rest

Put Your Financial Anxiety to Rest

Financial anxiety is a huge source of stress for many people, regardless of their financial situations. If you are often left panicking over your financial woes, there has to be a reason for all the stress. By taking a step back and acknowledging where this anxiety comes from, you can get a hold […]

7 ways to avoid bankruptcy and stay solvent in 2018

7 ways to avoid bankruptcy

Avoiding bankruptcy and staying solvent should be a serious goal for people dealing with debt and money problems. While it is possible to recover from bankruptcy, nobody would like to file for bankruptcy if it could be avoided. Following some simple tips can help you avoid bankruptcy and stay solvent in 2018. […]

Personal Loan or Installment Loan – Is There a Difference?

Personal Loan vs Installment Loan

There are many types of loans out there that are suitable for different kinds of needs. Each type of loan has its own set of requirements, terms, finance charges, and other fees. These loans give us the financial leverage that we need in order for us to avail something that we cannot […]

5 Tips to Get a Fast-Approved Personal Loan this 2018

Tips to Get Fast-Approved Personal Loan

Today we have a guest post from Abby. Abby Whitmer is an independent e-commerce business owner from California. She’s a finance advocate at Direct Finance Loans and blogs to different sites about money management and tips about online business. We all need the help of loans every now and then. Sometimes, we […]

A Business Owners Guide to Retirement and Tax Diversification

A Business Owners Guide to Retirement and Tax Diversification

Business owners have more options to save for retirement than individuals who do not own a business. Depending on certain factors, some options will make more sense than others. In many cases, the desire to accumulate assets for retirement is often the byproduct of a greater desire to reduce or avoid […]