5 frugal mother's day gifts surprises

5 frugal mother’s day gifts & surprises

Are you looking for some frugal mother’s day gifts & surprises? Mother’s day is approaching really fast, and while many may think mothers deserve sparing no expense, I still can’t shake one important thing my mom taught me: the gesture is all that matters. Even though mother’s day is literally just around the corner, there’s… continue reading »

9 useful tips to save money car expenses

9 useful tips to save money on car expenses

Cars are great! But they can also be expensive. So, learning a few useful tips to save money on car expenses should come in handy! As car ownership statistics continue to rise, so do car maintenance costs! Many are able to cut a big chunk of car expenses by using public transportation or riding the bike to work. Still,… continue reading »

10 ways to budget money on a low income

10 ways to budget money on a low income

Are you currently living paycheck to paycheck? Well, then you’re not the only one finding it difficult to budget money on a low income! Many people have absolutely no idea where exactly does their income disappear. It’s a total mystery for most low income families, which is a shame since this means getting into a vicious… continue reading »

6 kitchen appliances that save time and money

6 kitchen appliances that save time and money

Kitchen tools! How would we even enjoy cooking without certain kitchen appliances that save time and money?  Knowing how to grocery shop smart is definitely important (regardless of the size of your budget) but cooking every meal from scratch is, without a doubt, the n°1 way to save money for every family living paycheck to paycheck. The problem with home cooking though is,… continue reading »